Solar Panel Fold-able OCV=21.4V 160W Without Charge Controller

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Solar Panel Fold-able OCV=21.4V 160W Without Charge Controller

Fold-able solar panel with highly efficient solar cells, ETFE coated. Fold-out supports on the back of the panels for easy alignment for optimal charging processes.
Folded, it fits in any storage space with just 30mm. If required, set up in seconds and ready for immediate use. Water-repellent cells and cases.

Output voltage open circuit voltage: 21.4V
Power: 160W
Dimensions unfolded: 1570 x 680mm, folded: 420 x 680 x 24mm
Connection: MC4 plug and socket for direct connection to Ecoflow Power Box or solar charge controller.
Weight: 7.5kg

Delivery only solar panel without solar controller

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