Contact Block 1xNO and 1xNC Terminal=Solder TH593561000

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Contact Block 1xNO and 1xNC Terminal=Solder TH593561000

Function: 1xNO and 1xNC
Rating: 250VAC, 5A
Terminals: solder
Make: th-Contact (Saia-Burgess)
th-Contact catalogue as pdf-file
Type: 593 561 TH593561000

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Series TP2, TR2 (th25)
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TH501108000, TH511108000, TH501115000, TH511115000, TH501102000, TH511102000, TH503108000, TH513108000, TH503115000, TH513115000, TH503102000, TH513102000, TH505108000, TH515108000, TH505115000, TH515115000, TH505102000, TH515102000
TH505020000, TH515020000, TH505018000, TH515018000, TH505033000, TH515033000, TH505050000, TH515050000, TH505051000, TH515051000
TH505120000, TH515120000, TH505118000, TH515118000, TH505133000, TH515133000, TH505150000, TH515150000, TH505151000, TH515151000
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TH544050XXX, TH544051XXX, TH544052XXX, TH544053XXX, TH544054XXX, TH544055XXX, TH544056XXX, TH544057XXX, TH544058XXX, TH544059XXX, TH544060XXX, TH544061XXX, TH544062XXX, TH544063XXX
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