RF-WiFi Remote Control Type SR-2833K5 Suitable with SR-1009CS

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RF-WiFi Remote Control Type SR-2833K5 Suitable with SR-1009CS

RF and WiFi remote control dimmer SR-2833K5 is a single colour LED controller which offers both switch on/off and smooth brightness dimming functions. Designed with easy-to-use interface, the dimmer controller can adjust brightness fast, accurate and smoothly without any flickering. Each controller can control 5 different zones separately with endless receivers in each zone. Smooth dimming range from 0.1% to 100% without any flickering really does good to human eyes. Humanised memory function enables the remote dimmer remember the last brightness after turn off or cut off. While receivers are working with WiFi-RF converter, they can be controlled by WiFi via installing APP on IOS and Android systems.

Reliable stable switch and dimming control function, control distance can be over 20m
Battery in the remote comes with long lifespan
Controls 5 different zones separately with endless receivers in each zone
Switch on/off lighting slowly without any flickering
Works with power repeater to expand the output power unlimitedly
Enable to be dimmed and switched on/off by push button after connecting receivers
Smooth dimming without any flickering from 0.1% to 100%
Push dim function
Receivers can work with WiFi-RF converter after installing APP on IOS or Android systems

Manual as pfd file
Type: SR-2833K5

Suitable Remote Control for LED Dimmer SR-1009CS
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