Long-Life Soldering Tip 4mm Concave Ersa 832PW/SB PowerWELL

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Long-Life Soldering Tip 4mm Concave Ersa 832PW/SB

Long-life soldering tip with ERSADUR coating for the following soldering stations:
ANALOG 60 (0ANA60), ANALOG 60 A (0ANA60A), ANALOG 80 (0ANA80), ANALOG 80 A (0ANA80A), DIGITAL 80 A (0DIG80A), DIGITAL 2000 A version with Power tool soldering iron (0DIG20A84), Multi-Pro (0930CD), Multi-Sprint (0960ED), Multi-TC (0760CD), RDS 80 (0RDS80), MICRO-CON 60 iA (0MIC60IA) with Power tool soldering iron (0840CDJ), TWIN 80 A (0TW80A) with Ergo tool soldering iron (0680CDJ), ELS 8000 (0ELS80000C, 0ELS8000MC, 0ELS8000DC), and for the following soldering stations that are out of stock: MS 6000 (0MS6000), MS 8000 (0MS8000), and MS 8000 D (0MS8000D).

Coating: long-life tip 832 series
Shape of soldering tip: concave portion
Tip Ø 4mm
Inner Ø (Shaft): 6.6mm
Outer Ø (Shaft): 8.5mm
Total length: 40mm
Ersa Soldering and Desoldering Tips as pdf file
Type: 0832PW/SB
Make: ERSA

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