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Zinc Spray 400ml

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Zinc Spray 400ml

Corrosion protection. Forms a fast drying tough, flexible zinc coating. Provides an excellent corrosion resistance to ferrous metals through cathodic protection even when the Zinc layer is damaged. Allows spot welding.

Excellent touch-up for damaged galvanized surfaces.
Allows spot welding.
No chlorinated solvents. Totally lead and chromate free.
Excellent corrosion resistance through cathodic protection even when the coating is scratched or damaged.
Good mechanical resistance due to the excellent adhesion on metal.
Specifications : NSN 8030-01-120-3553.
Can be painted by most of the commonly used finishes.

For general use in all situations where clean and degreased metal surfaces need to be protected against corrosion:
- Car body repair
- Trailers
- Caravans
- Ships
- Harbor installations
- Fencing
- Structural steel
- Railroad equipment
- Roof Guard rails
- Steel cables
- Storage tanks.
- Welding seams and rivet holes
- Repair of galvanized parts
- Home, garden and farm equipment

Shake aerosol can very well, for at least one minute after agitator ball is free. Stir or mix bulk product well to obtain a homogeneous dispersion. Repeat frequently while using.
Apply to a clean, dry surface for best results. Remove rust and scale with a wire brush.
Apply in light, even coats; best results are obtained with 2 lighter rather than 1 heavy coat. Additional coats can be applied after 10-15 minutes. A minimum film thickness of 40 µm is needed for adequate protection.
When finished spraying, clean aerosol valve by turning can upside down and pressing button until only propellant escapes. If clogging occurs, remove button and clean orifice with fine wire.
Do not use on energized equipment. Use in well ventilated area.

Size: 400ml

Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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