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SuperCap 100F 2.5V 20% 16.5x48x36mm SCSRA1B100RA00MV00

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WIMA SuperCap 100F 2.5V 20% 16.5x48x36mm SCSRA1B100RA00MV00

WIMA SuperCap R

SuperCap modules of the „Powerpack” range have a modular design and are suited especially for applications with limited space.

Typical applications:
Suitable for support, protection or replacement of batteries in the field of new traction technologies in:
- Automotive
- Railway technology
- Wind power systems
- Uninterruptible power systems (UPS)

Capacitance: 100 F
Capacitance tolerance: ±20%
Rated voltage (UR): 2.5V
Rated current (IC): 30A
Pulse current (IP): up to 200A
Internal resistance (RDC): 12mΩ
Dielectric: Electric Double Layer
Max. energy stored (Emax.): ±20% 313 J
Operating temperature: -30°C to +65°C
Terminations: FS 6.3 slip-on terminations
Weight: 40g
Volume: 0.028 l
Measurements: W=16.5mm L=48mm H=36mm
RoHS: yes
Make: WIMA
Type: SCSRA1B100RA00MV00
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