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Fast Charge Controller NiCD/NiMH Batteries PDIP-18 Type U2402B

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Fast Charge Controller for NiCD/NiMH Batteries PDIP-18 Type U2402B

The fast-charge battery controller circuit, U2402B, uses bipolar technology. The IC enables the designer to create an efficient and economic charge system. The U2402B incorporates intelligent multiple-gradient batteryvoltage monitoring and mains phase control for power management. With automatic top-off charging, the integrated circuit ensures that the charge device stops regular charging, before the critical stage of overcharging is achieved. It has two LED driver indications for charge and temperature status.

- Multiple gradient monitoring
- Temperature window (Tmin/Tmax)
- Exact battery voltage measurement without charge
- Phase control for charge-current regulation
- Top-off and trickle charge function
- Two LED outputs for charge status indication
- Disabling of d2V/dt2 switch-off criteria during battery formation
- Battery-voltage check

- Portable power tools
- Laptop/notebook personal computer
- Cellular/cordless phones
- Emergency lighting systems
- Hobby equipment
- Camcorder

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Type: U2402B

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