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Anti Flea Generator for the Cat and Dog Basket (Kit)

Bestell-Nr.:    BKM.B189

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Anti Flea Generator for the Cat and Dog Basket

This generator produces ultrasonic sounds, which are adjustable within the range of approx. 8 - 35kHz. It is said, that crawling and jumping parasites are banished through the ultrasonic sound. The tone frequency can be adjusted so that the domestic animal will not be disturbed. As loudspeaker is required either a small treble loudspeaker 8 Ohm (no piezo!) or a dynamic 8 Ohm earphone. (Not enclosed in the kit).

Kit set: to solder yourself
Operating voltage: 9VDC
Tone frequency: 8 – 35kHz, adjustable
Loudspeaker connection: 8 Ohm (not included)
Board dimensions: approx. 25 x 24mm
Info as pdf file
Make: Kemo
EAN 4024028011899

Suitable case: BKM.G01B Plastic case small for a 9V block battery

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