Testing and Measuring Devices

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Bild Model Product Name- Buy Now Price
Wattmeter for Loudspeakers (Kit) LC.3.1 Buy Now 16.50CHF
Wattmeter for Loudspeakers (Kit)
Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor (Module) LC.08M Buy Now 30.00CHF
Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor (Module)
Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor (Kit) BKM.B214 Buy Now 18.40CHF
Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor (Kit)
Ultrasonic Generator (Animal Repellent) (Module) BKM.M048N Buy Now 18.40CHF
Ultrasonic Generator (Animal Repellent) (Module)
Small Compass BKM.K100 Buy Now 3.90CHF
Small Compass
Signal Injector (Test Signal Generator) (Kit) BKM.B187 Buy Now 4.90CHF
Signal Injector (Test Signal Generator) (Kit)
Microwave Leakage Tester (Module) BKM.M058N Buy Now 9.95CHF
Microwave Leakage Tester (Module)
Magnet Field Generator (Module) BKM.M101A Buy Now 15.10CHF
Magnet Field Generator (Module)
LED Tester (Module) BKM.M087N Buy Now 18.40CHF
LED Tester (Module)
Infrared Detector 9VDC (Module) BKM.M085 Buy Now 11.30CHF
Infrared Detector 9VDC (Module)
Infrared Detector 9VDC (Kit) BKM.B195 Buy Now 6.15CHF
Infrared Detector 9VDC (Kit)
Function Generator (Kit) EMK.FG06 Buy Now 73.00CHF
Function Generator (Kit)
Digital Compass with Mounting Brackets LC.224 Buy Now 49.50CHF
Digital Compass with Mounting Brackets

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 13 (of 13 products)
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