Lubricants Cleaner / Anti Corrosion Creation of PCB's Precision Cleaner Contactual Cleaner / Preservation Contactual Cleaner / Preservation Repair Aids
WOC.33.jpg (8292 bytes)
Graphit 33
Graphit 33 400ml
Conduction electric/thermal.
Conductive coating. A graphite-based coating, providing a conductive layer to non-conductive media.

WOC.LR.jpg (8876 bytes)
reinigung LR

PCB cleaner
WOC.TFT.jpg (7685 bytes)
Screen TFT
Screen TFT is a special foam cleaner for TFT-screens and LCD displays.
WOC.35.jpg (6974 bytes)
EMV 35 / EMI 35

Electromagnetic shielding. A highly conductive coating for shielding against electro-magnetic interference and protecting against electrostatic discharge.
WOC.90.jpg (8287 bytes)
Video 90
Magnetic-head cleaner
WOC.21.jpg (7583 bytes)
Transparent 21
Transparent transfer spray
WOC.40.jpg (8354 bytes) Kontakt 40
Service spray: Multi-purpose lubricant preventing electrical and electronic malfunctioning caused by humidity, condensation and corrosion
WOC.70.jpg (8369 bytes)
Plastik 70
Plastik 70 400ml
Universal conformal coating for printed circuit boards.
WOC.10.jpg (8397 bytes)
Flux SK10

Flux SK10 400ml

Solder-active varnish
WOC.50.jpg (7743 bytes) Solvent 50
Solvent for easy removal of self-adhering paper labels
WOC.60.jpg (8824 bytes)
Kontakt 60

Kontakt 60
Contact de-oxidiser, dissolves corrosion layers, restoring the metal contact
WOC.101.jpg (8002 bytes)
Fluid 101
Fluid 101
De-watering fluid. A high performance and fast action moisture displacer, providing a high surface resistance. Instantly eliminates leakage currents and short circuits.  
WOC.67.jpg (8488 bytes)
Dust Off 67
Dust Off 67 400ml
Universal air duster. Non-flammable* pressurised gas to remove dust even from the most inaccessible corners of optics and fine mechanics.
WOC.77.jpg (8113 bytes) Multifoam 77
contains highly active components for a powerful and effective cleaning.
WOC.71.jpg (7399 bytes) Urethan 71
Single component, urethane based, insulating and protective coating, providing a long-lasting flexible seal to protect against moisture and environmental influences.
WOC.20.jpg (7838 bytes) Positiv 20
Photo-sensitive lacquer. To copy transparencies directly onto coated circuit boards, providing high resolution.
WOC.66.jpg (7728 bytes) Printer 66
Printer-head cleaner. Dissolves ink residues, grease soiling and paper-dust. Cleans rubber rollers
WOC.61.jpg (8431 bytes)
Kontakt 61
Contact lubricant and corrosion inhibitor. Builds a thin protective film, preventing corrosion and wear.
WOC.600.jpg (8128 bytes)
Tuner 600
Cleaner for consumer electronics.
WOC.75.jpg (8356 bytes)
Freeze 75
Freeze 75 400ml
Instant cooling of parts. Cooling agent for thermal fault location.
WOC.85.jpg (8502 bytes) Kontaflon 85
A grease- and silicone-free PTFE-based dry lubricant and release agent.
WOC.95.jpg (7887 bytes) Surface 95
A highly active cleaner ideal for housings, keyboards, copiers, furniture and other office equipment.
WOC.21.jpg (1588 bytes)
Transparent 21
Transparent transfer spray.


 WOC.99.jpg (8095 bytes) Screen 99
Effective anti-static foam cleaner to remove dust, grease, nicotine and fingerprints from screens.
 WOC.65.jpg (8318 bytes)
Degreaser 65
Heavy duty cleaner and degreaser to be used whenever dirt, grease and oil-based substances interfere with the smooth running of electrical and mechanical equipment.
 WOC.GOLD.jpg (8089 bytes)
Kontakt Gold 2000
For long-lasting lubrication and protection of connectors and other electromechanical contacts.
 WOC.88.jpg (7947 bytes) 
Lub Oil 88 200ml
High-grade lubricating oil to lubricate instruments and equipment in precision mechanics. Totally acid and silicone free.
 WOC.100.jpg (7552 bytes) Antistatik 100
Surface-active product preventing accumulation of static electricity on various surfaces.
   WOC.601.jpg (8244 bytes) 
Cleaner 601
Mild multi-purpose cleaner. Cleaning of electronic components, PC-boards and precision mechanics, especially when sensitive plastics such as polystyrene and polycarbonate are involved.
WOC.72.jpg (7963 bytes)  Isolier 72
For insulation, lubrication & protection. A high-quality, silicone-based and viscous insulating and lubricating oil.
WOC.IPA.jpg (8000 bytes)
Kontakt IPA
High purity isopropanol-spray to clean magnetic heads, disk drives, rubber rollers, fine mechanics, optics, printed circuit boards and to remove water resistant inks. 
WOC.701.jpg (8064 bytes) Vaseline 701
A high viscosity lubricating and anti-corrosion agent for screw connections, cable clamps, plug and socket connectors.
    WOC.60PLUS.jpg (8112 bytes) Kontakt 60 PLUS
Kontakt 60 PLUS is specially designed for the cleaning and protection of electrical and electro-mechanical parts.

 WOC.WL.jpg (8378 bytes)
Kontakt WL
Kontakt WL
Special cleaner and wash-spray. Washes away dissolved oxides, grease and dirt (after usage of Kontakt 60).
Antistatic coating: 33, 95, 100
Anti corosion: 62, 701
Cleaner (degreaser): 65,   WL
Cleaner (general purpose): 77, 95, 99, 601, IPA, TFT, WL
Cleaner (mild): 600, 601
Cleaner (strong): 65
Cleaner (with compressed gas): 67
Compressed gas: 67
Conductive coating: 33, 35
Cooling: 75
Corosion dissolver: 60
Corosion inhibitor: 10, 61, 70, 71, 701, Zink
Corosion resistance: 62
Degreaser (cleaner): 65, WL
e-oxidiser: 60
De-watering fluid: 101
Electromagnetic shielding: 35
EMV shielding: 35
Fault location (thermal): 75
Flux: 10
Freezing: 75
nsulation: 72
sopropanol spray: IPA
Label remover: 50
Lubricant (for dusty areas): 85
Lubricant (for plastic): 72
Lubricant (for precious metal): 2000
Lubricant (long lasting): 2000
Lubricants: 40, 61, 72, 85, 88, 701, 2000
Lubrication oil: 40, 61, 88
Moisture protection: 70, 71
Photo-sensitive lacquer: 20
rotection: 72
Protective coating: 70, 71
Protection of connectors: 2000
estoring metal contacts: 60
Rust prevention: 62
hermal fault location: 75
Transfer spray: 21
Vaseline spray: 701
Zinc coating: 62
Cleaner for:
Boxes: 77, 95, 99, TFT
Carburator jets: 67
Copier: 95
Disk Drive: 90, IPA
Electronics: 600
Enclosures: 77, 95, 99, TFT
Fine mechanics: IPA
Fittings: 77
Furniture: 95
HiFi: 601
Key boards: 95
Laptop: TFT
LCD Displays: TFT
Magnetic heads: IPA, 90
Metal: 95, 99
Mirrors: 99
Model making: 601
Monitor: 99, TFT
Motors: 65
Optics: IPA
PCs: 601
PDA (Personal digital assistant): TFT
Photocopier: 99, TFT
Potentiometer: 600
Print head: 66
Projector: 90
Recording head: 90, IPA
Rubber rollers: IPA
Scanner: TFT
Screen: 99, TFT
Slide Control: 600
Stain of paint: 50
Tapes: 90
Tar stain: 50
TFT-Screen: TFT
Touch-Screens: TFT
Tuner: 600
Type writers: 66
Video: 90, 601

Pictures are a guide only actual product may vary. Subject to alterations and errors.