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5mm Short Head LED Red 150mcd

Bestell-Nr.:    L5-RK123

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5mm Short Head LED Red 150mcd

Emitted colour: red
LED diameter: 5mm
LED lens: short head, water clear
Viewing angle: 120°
Wavelength: 5630nm
Luminous intensity: 150mcd
Voltage: 1.8V @ 20mA
Type: L5-RK123 L5RK123

Recommended Dropping Resistors:
@ 6V: 220 Ohm
@ 9V: 390 Ohm
@ 12V: 560 Ohm
@ 13.8V (PKW): 620 Ohm

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5 mm 5mm Leuchtdioden Leuchtdiode 5mm LEDs light-emitting diode LSN0123

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