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FLUKE 31/33 Zangenamperemeter AC 400A/700A True RMS

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Fluke 31/33 Clamp Meters

The Fluke 31 and 33 give accurate True-rms current measurements from 0.3 to 700A max.
Both models measure frequency, so you can use them to determine the output frequency of adjustable speed drives, to set the governor of an engine generator or to detect third harmonic currents (180 Hz) in the neutral of a 3-phase system. The Fluke 31 and 33 are built extra strong to withstand job site abuse.
Why True-RMS? Electrical professionals today need current clamps that are up to the challenge of accurately measuring harmonic currents caused by non-linear loads. Virtually all electronic equipment falls into this category - PCs, printers, HID lighting, adjustable speed drives, etc. Average-sensing meters can't do the job. They can produce readings that are 30%-50% low. Why? Harmonics cause distorted waveforms, and average-sensing meters can only accurately measure pure sine waves.

Fluke 31 Clamp Meters Features at a Glance:
- True-rms ac current measurement
- Frequency
- Auto/Manual Ranging
- Tapered jaws can handle 2 parallel 500 MCM cables, or a single cable, up to 38 mm (1.5") in diameter
- Combination Digital/Analogue display; Fast analogue bar graph shows surge currents
- Power-up self-test - verifies proper functioning and estimates battery life
- Clip-on holster
- Sleep Mode to preserve battery life
- CAT III 600V

Fluke 31/33 Clamp Meters Specifications Technical Data
AC Current (RMS) Range: 0.3A to 400A (700A max sine wave), 0.3A to 40A
Resolution: 0.1A, 0.01A
Accuracy: ±(2%+2), ±(2%+20)
Frequency Range: 0.5 to 10kHz
Resolution: 0.1Hz
Accuracy: ±(0.2%+3)
Crest/Instantaneous Peak (Fluke 33 only) Range: 99.9A, 1000A
Resolution: 0.2A on 40A range, 2A on 400A range, 4A above 400A range
Accuracy for 33: ±(3%+3)
Crest Factor < 2.0 at full scale (up to 5.0 at half scale)
Size L=231.5mm W=97mm D=43.9mm
Weight: 0.5kg

Fluke 31 Current Clamp with Holster Includes: C30 Holster, Operator's Manual, Quick Reference Guide, 9V battery (installed)

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