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Antistatic 100 Spray 200ml Kontakt Chemie

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Antistatik 100 Spray 200ml

Against electro-static charge.

Surface-active product preventing accumulation of static electricity on various surfaces. Leaves ultra-thin invisable anti-static film. ESD-protection for worktable and packaging. DIRECTIONS:
- It is best to spray the KONTAKT CHEMIE ANTISTATIK 100 directly on the surface.
- In case of completely transparent surfaces, the product can be applied on a lint free cloth to wipe it on the surface. In this way, there will be no visible traces and the surface is cleaned at the same time.
- The active product in KONTAKT CHEMIE ANTISTATIK 100 is soluble in water. When the treated surfaces are exposed to high humidity or mechanical stresses, the treatment has to be repeated on regular intervals.
- The used solvent and active product is compatible with most plastics and fabrics. It is however recommended to check the compatibility before use. One should be particular careful for stress cracking when used on plastics under mechanical tension (e.g. polycarbonate).
- The product contains a flammable solvent, so all sources of heat and sparks should be avoided during the application and until complete evacuation of he evaporated solvent.

Size: 200ml

Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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