5-Channel Transmitter for 868 MHz ISM-Band

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5-Channel Transmitter for 868 MHz ISM-Band

The 5 Channel Transmitter for 868 MHz ISM-Band is a tap-proof and secure remote control. The transmitted data is encrypted according to AES 128 consisting of the so-called “Rolling-Code”. This makes each set unique and incompatible to another set. Each transmitter has an unique identification code identifying the device. Copying the device and duplications of the code are not possible in application. The five channels (keys) can be operated parallel and independently from one another giving the device the functionality of a “wireless joystick”. In addition to these features the device allows five further settings making the device highly flexible for various applications. The small size of the transmitter allows an universal use e.g. on a keychain, in a pocket or on the dashboard of the car. To cover the multitude of applications up to 32 transmitters can be programmed into one receiver. Based on the features and functionality this device is an ideal remote control for installation and alarm systems as well as the control of all electrical systems in the house, in the garden or in the office.

Control of doors, gates and barrier systems.
Opening and closing of electrically controlled windows.
Control of lighting circuits and systems.
Control of pumps, air conditioning and water systems.
Control of electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
Highest safety standards with “Rolling-Code” security code.
A free range of approximately 200 m under normal operating conditions.

Technical data:
Operating voltage: 3V (CR2032 is included)
Power consumption: in operation: approx.18mA, idle: <100nA
Operating frequency: 868.35 MHz, 869.05 MHz or 869.55 MHz
Modulation method: GFSK
Transmitting power: Max. 10mW
Transmission mode: Continuous or Timed
Range: 200m (open space)
LED function display
Info as pdf-file (in German)

Compatible with: 8-Channel-Receiver HT200E
Compatible with: 3-Channel-Receiver HT3E
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