Solar Charge Controller with LCD 12V/24V 30A Steca PR-3030

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Solar Charge Controller with LCD 12V/24V 30A Steca PR-3030

The Steca PR charge controllers were launched in the year 2004 as the fifth generation of charge controller technology (up to 900 Wp). This high class state of the art product upgrades the Steca Solarix series by a customer designed LCD which shows the accurate state of charge (SOC) in percent and as battery gauge symbol. The heart of the controller is the integrated circuit called ATONIC®II, which contains the improved regulation software based on a self learning algorithm.
Steca designed LCD in symbols and digits showing SOC, Vbat, all currents, Ah, alarms, day / night and more.

Max module input: 30 Ampere
System voltage: 12/24V (automatic selection of voltage)
Max self consumption: 12mA (12V), 16mA (24V)
Temperature range: -10°C to +50°C
Terminal size: fine 16mm², single wire 25mm²
Dimensions: 187 x 96 x 44mm
Weight: 0.35kg
Info as pdf file
Operating instructions as pdf file
Make: Steca
Type: PR-3030 PR3030

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