Semi-Flexible Solar Module 100W 12V SunWare SW-20185

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Semi-Flexible Solar Module 100W 12V SunWare SW-20185

Solar modules with cable outlet front side mounted. Designed for boats, flat trucks, navigation aids, sea buoys, streetlamps and many other. Made in Germany.

SunWare solar modules are designed and tested specifically for use in marine and salt water. The modules are completely maintenance-free, durable and weather-resistant. Even under extreme exposure to UV rays - whether in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean or the North Sea - SunWare solar cells are always a reliable partner.
The special feature:.. All 12V standard solar modules are designed with 40 solar cells (competitors use sometimes only 36 cells) that’s why SunWare solar modules can be fitted without rear ventilation. The voltage drop is compensated by the 4 additionally integrated solar cells when high outside temperatures occur and that guarantees a full charge of the battery. The back of the module is completely flat so that it can be screwed or glued onto the deck. SunWare standard solar modules should always be fitted on a stiff area.
The modules can be mounted flat on a up to 3% arched deck area. The surface must be stiff where the module will be attached to allow to be walked on.
Due to the extremely flat module structure, the module only adds 3mm to the surface, 15mm at the cable outlet. The PU sheathed 3m long cable is robust, UV and weather resistant. To reduce the risk of slipping in wet conditions, the module surface is slightly structured.
Before shipment each module gets checked and measured as part of the continuous quality control.

- 100% sea- & saltwater resistant
- non glass module

Nominal voltage: 12V
Maximum voltage: 24V
Max power: 100 Watt
Short circuit current: 5.75A
Dimensions: 689 x 1012mm
Weight: 4.7kg
Colour: white
Product warranty: 2 years
connection: 3m cable
Important information
Info as pdf file
Make: SunWare
Series: 20
Type: SW-20185 SW20185

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