Semi-Flexible Solar Module 60W 12V 2.5mm 2.4kg

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Semi-Flexible Solar Module 60W 12V 2.5mm 2.4kg

Semi flexible solar module for boat or RV
These solar panels are a bit lighter and thinner than the Sunware modules and have an extremely good price to performance ratio. They are used on ships and mobile homes or other applications where low weight is crucial. The modules are beautifully finished and have a matt black, noble finish.
The modules are completely maintenance-free, durable and weather-resistant.
The back of the module is completely flat so that it can be screwed or glued on.
The modules can be mounted flat on a up to 3% arched deck area. The surface must be stiff where the module will be attached to allow to be walked on.
The module must be fully and evenly bonded without any bubbles.
Due to the extremely flat module structure, the module only adds 2.5mm to the surface, 15mm at the cable outlet. The PU sheathed 1.4m long cable is robust, UV and weather resistant. To reduce the risk of slipping in wet conditions, the module surface is slightly structured.
With their thinner structure and lighter weight, these modules are a bit less robust than the Sunware solar modules are.

Nominal voltage: 12V
Open-circuit voltage: 21.3V
MPP voltage: 18.05V
MPP current: 3.33A
Maximum power: 60W
Short circuit current: 3.67A
Size: 905 x 570 x 2.5mm
Important information (in German)
Weight: 2.4kg
Product Warranty: 2 years
Connection: 1.4m cable with MC4 connectors
Colour: black

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