High-Performance Solar Module 100W 12V Mono (103x52cm)

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High-Performance Solar Module 100W 12V Mono (103x52cm)

Solar module with world's highest cell conversion efficiency of over 22%
The Sunpower 100 provides 100 watt energy over the surface of a conventional 60 watt module. The module provides exceptional performance even at high temperatures and low irradiation, this performance is about 5% higher than all other modules on the market. This module has the highest efficiency rate of all commercially available stand-alone solar modules in the world. The extremely high performance is achieved by connecting the cells from the back. Since years Sunpower is the only manufacturer who mastered this technology. There is a significant gain in performance by connecting the cells from the back instead from the front.

Power rating: 100W
Rated voltage: 12V
Cell efficiency above 22%, efficiency of the solar module 20.1%
Voltage at peak power: 17.9V
Current at maximum power: 5.59A
Open-circuit voltage: 21.6V
Short-circuit current: 6.15A
Max system voltage: 500V
Temperature coefficient performance: -0.38% / ° C
Size: 1037 x 527 x 35mm
Connection: 500mm cable with MCIII plug
Weight: 7.4kg
Product warranty: 1 year

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